Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

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Your product protected by copying.

We can make it tamper-proof by incorporating our unique carbon-based agents into it.

  • FDA approved
  • Toy Standard
  • Detectable with a single click
  • Unique, irreversible and invisible tracers incorporated into the material

Invisible carbon-based safety markers and tracers are integrated into your material without changing its intrinsic properties.

Insensitive to shear forces, resistant to temperatures up to 300 ° C, without chemical signature, non-toxic, these particles can be incorporated in a large number of plastics but also in oils, inks, varnishes and liquids.

An innovative Swiss made detection solution is provided with our solution.

With a single click, you can prove that the product was made with your custom material.


Whether you know it or not, our markers hidden in plastics, textiles or lubricants are already used in the field in multiple applications such as for luxury products, security, etc.

It is important to make your product tamper-proof, contact us.