Impromat sàrl

Andreas Auer

Co-founder & Co-Director
Business and negotiation Federal diploma (Zurich)

  • Active in the banking sector in Zurich and Geneva for 6 years
  • Plastics industry for a company which is trading and selling plastics, additives, and peripheral machinery
  • Creation of a Start-UP in Geneva and Lausanne to negotiate products for the plastics industry and surface treatments
  • Founder and owner of Colorplastic SA, a factory for the production of special compounds, masterbatches and additives for the plastics industry

My goal is to put our know-how at the service of your projects, to develop efficient and profitable strategies, so that your product comes out on the market with great added value and assured marketing.



Impromat sàrl

Pascal Lonchamp

Co-founder & Co-Director
Beng Polymer Engineering and Msc Materials Technology (Edinbourgh)

  • Member of the Swiss plastic cluster for more than 12 years
  • Sales Engineer at Gueissaz (Ruetschi) SA for 5 years
  • Polymer Process Engineer for 7 years at Dentsply Maillefer, Medical devices specialist, ISO 13485
  • Product Engineer at Decathlon

Stand ready to advice you, find the ideal partners for the realization of your products.

I will be there to take care of tailor-made materials sales and new product developments.



Impromat sàrl

Adrien-Maximilien Lavot

International Distribution Manager & Partner


Economic Sciences & Business Management License (Lyon)

  • Auto-entrepreneur in the import-export of goods
  • Wealth and retirement management in Geneva for 5 years
  • CEO and Co-founder of Swiss Service Provider Corporate company in Geneva and London for 5 years
  • In development of my new project 21st Century Business Management, business management and intermediation

From my experience in business management and customer relations for over 10 years, I process your requests and target your needs when I make the first contact in order to put you in touch with engineers in the best possible way.
I also manage distribution, partnerships and official representations at the international scale.