Unbeatable Solution - Graphene

black iPad with unbeatable graphene on screen scientist hand samples solution

Graphene, the mechanical properties of the future.

Conductive, wear-resistant, ultra-light and more, this material can be integrated into your raw material to give it exceptional properties.

  • Thermostability
  • Exceptional hardness
  • Water-repellent property
  • Improving the conductivity of your polymer
  • Mechanical properties and wear resistance Out of Standards

A pioneer in this field, ImproMat can offer you the Graphene most suited to your request.

ImproMat markets graphene-based products and can integrate them into your raw material to give it exceptional properties.


Incorporate graphene in different plastics, liquid solutions (paint, etc.) to obtain specific properties and characteristics desired, this is our knowledge.

It can be produced as masterbatch, compound, powder, additive, mixtures of graphenes, etc.


Entrust us with your requests, with our network of graphene researchers and scientists, we can help you find a product suited to your request.